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About the Artist…

Atlanta artist Janet Gannon picked up a paintbrush nearly a decade ago and has been putting miles on the canvas ever since. Primarily self-taught, she considers her work to be a gift from God, a passion finally discovered.

She prefers to paint first thing in the morning, when her creative energy is fresh and a particular idea is in her spirit just waiting to be put on the canvas.  That might be a large scale contemporary landscape or a traditional European scene.  Her J.Gannon abstracts allow her to really be expressive and free with her ideas and brushstrokes.

The artist paints in oils because she loves their rich texture.  Her work is known for her expressive use of color, for her clouds and skies, and for her layers of paint used to paint water, flowers, and trees.  Her works can be found in corporate and private collections throughout the East Coast.

"Looking at  a painting that speaks to me has a way of uplifting my spirits, and it is my desire that my art will do the same for others. "  - J.Gannon